Supreme Court rap: SBI compelled to
send electoral Poll Data to poll panel.

This seems very unfortunate and impractical in the realm of financial institutions to get such rapport. SBI is one the largest Public sector Bank in India and there is huge trust associated with its operation and functioning. The matter of conjecture itself shows the trivial situation prevalent in the public forum for such doldrums.

SC Declared Electoral Bonds Unconstitutional

The landmark judgment and declaring “Electoral Bonds” unconstitutional has already created furor in the mindset of people and setting aside the trust buildup towards the political parties. What the young & youth those are future of our nation will think such kind of unprecedented happening in this developed country.

The judgement has sparked mixed experiences from the various stakeholders, on the other hand criticism remain skeptical about efficacy in curbing corruption and promoting transparency.

Maximum political parties and various agency taking dig at each other regarding huge funding and exact known status of so called electoral bonds.